Technology Identification

Working closely with you, Merandex will analyze your business processes, understand your current technologies and advise how to integrate and use new technologies that best fit your business needs.
  • Streamline business processes
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Provide better customer service / drive more business
  • Improve network infrastructure, connectivity and security
  • Customization and automation
  • Data protection and recovery

Technology Implementation

    Wired and wireless networking
    Interconnect multiple office locations
    Network security and intrusion detection
    Voice over IP and traditional phone systems
    Automated data backup and cloud storage
    Systems acquisition and setup
    Application support and training
    Custom software and scripting
    Wireless hotspot for clients
    Network traffic analysis
    Centralized file storage
    Disaster recovery
    Server virtualization
    Corporate email
    Video conferencing
    Process automation
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From a general overview to details of your specific implementation, Merandex will help you and your staff understand and best utilize the technologies that support your business. Better trained staff will increase productivity.

Ongoing Support

Merandex continues to support your business after the initial implementation is complete by monitoring your IT systems and business processes and addressing questions or concerns in a timely manner. We provide different methods and levels of support suitable to your needs: on location or remote; project based or ad hoc.

Management Consulting

Like a Chief Information Officer (CIO), Merandex will work closely with your management team to help address current issues as well as plan for the future.
  • Understand your business challenges
  • Assess your business' most pressing needs
  • Advise on process, organization, issue resolution
  • Provide personalized attention
  • Describe various technology options
  • Provide unbiased advice aimed at improving your business

Reduce your monthly service provider costs

Have you looked at your telephone bills or data networking bills lately? 40% of businesses are being over charged for their telephony or data networking services. Merandex will review your current charges and suggest how to reduce your monthly communication costs. We have helped our customers save hundreds of dollars each month.

Staffing Search, Interviewing and Recommendations

Merandex can also assist with IT Staffing. Why spend your time reviewing resumes and phone screening candidates? After consulting with you and your team to understand your staffing needs, Merandex will guide you all the way to making an offer to your preferred candidate.
  • Identify your requirements
  • Write and post the job description
  • Review all resumes received and rate against needs
  • Phone-screen and rate top candidates
  • Recommend the very best candidates
  • Lead onsite interviews with your team
  • Facilitate the final selection process
Merandex can be available to help your new hire get started in their new role.

Let Merandex help you with all your technology needs

No matter what your technology needs, Merandex is happy to discuss them with you. We can assist you in dealing with all your technology needs, including custom software, databases, in-office music, live video, data gathering and analysis, and much more.