Software built for you.

Custom Software For Small and Medium Businesses

Your business has unique problems that can't be satisfactorily solved with anything out on the market right now-every business does. Don't settle for out-of-the-box solutions - you'll pay too much for extra features that aren't necessary, and the customer service teams are often too big to treat you as anything but a number.

Merandex has the means to create custom software that solves those problems in ways that other products can't, and the team to provide the one-on-one customer support you need when it comes to implementing that software. We value our customers the way we want to be valued, because we're a small business just like yours.

CRM Software That Fits Your Needs

Many CRM solutions are overkill for small businesses that need a simpler alternative. Large CRM companies are often not willing to mold their plans to fit your needs, and you end up either paying for features you don't need or having to piece together multiple platforms to find a solution that works for you.

We can build exactly what you need at the price that works for you. Managing customer relationships is too important to settle for less, so make it a priority by working with a company like Merandex that understands that importance.

No Project Too Big or Small

Whether you have a small opportunity to optimize how you operate or are facing a giant road block that interferes completely with your business, we will work on a project of any scope, and treat each project with the attention to detail you deserve.

We've built custom software for major organizations like the DNC, which needed an easy way to report on phone calls made to their database. Our software acted as the liaison between their database and the automatic phone calling platform they used to accurately mark down information about calls that were made without needing to manually input any data.

Not only can we reduce the need for manual labor, but we can help manage operating costs, which we've done for multiple marketing agencies. By building software that automatically bills clients when they've hit overages on built-in credits in their account, the agencies that work with us have recouped thousands of dollars in losses.

We'll consult with you every step of the way to make sure you're getting the small business software solution you need-you'll be amazed at the problems we can solve with technology!

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