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Digital business card?
Mini website?
Referral notifier?
All of the above and more.

The fully customizable personal app for you and your business.

Built for everyone.

Sales Forces

IntroWave provides unique sales tools that will make your team unstoppable. It's easy to set up standard information and then customize it for each person.

Chambers of Commerce

If your organization depends on membership, look into offering IntroWave as a group benefit. Contact us about discounted organizational prices.

Direct Sales & MLMs

Most direct sales/MLM people are part time and have many things that claim their attention. IntroWave is a way to put your networking into high gear and ensure that follow up happens.

Network Groups

IntroWave can give your group independence from paper business cards. Instead of waiting to report a referral, IntroWave will send an automatic notice that you have been referred -- and by whom -- making following up a snap!

Digital Networking Tool

IntroWave is the affordable solution for small business owners who want their name out there with the branding and professional image that they've worked hard to build. It works as a mini website, digital business card, referral tool, and more-all within a highly customizable mobile app that allows you to pick and choose which images, videos, links, and social media profiles you want to showcase to the public.

Grow Your Professional Network

The IntroWave app lives directly on your client's home screen, so your business is always top of mind for whoever you were referred to. Even better, when you get referred, you'll get notified who you were referred to. Gone are the days of waiting for your phone to ring from a referral because all you had on you was a printed business card-IntroWave solves that problem and more for small businesses across the country.

Easy Small Business Advertising

Secure prime real estate on potential clients' home screens that you wouldn't be able to get with any other form of advertising for a fraction of the price of traditional advertising. Better yet, you can update your app at any point to immediately reflect any changes in specials, information, or videos that you need to make.

How it Works

Our technology takes networking and referrals to a whole new level.

Benefits & Pricing

Always have a business card, since you always have your phone.

Contact us

If you have any questions about IntroWave, don't hesitate to call or email.

Tried and true.

I love the ease and convenience of the IntroWave Digital Business Card. It has the functionality and interest of an app, and allows me to send my clients and potential customers any where I want to around the web. I love how easy it is to use and to change it up!

Nicole Lerario

A Kneaded Vacation Therapeutic Massage

After I easily created my IntroWave Digital Business Card, I shared it with my friends and current clients. That same day I was notified that I had been referred to someone. I followed up and got their business. The Digital Business Card paid for itself on the very first day. A great tool.

Jack Ives

Ives & Associates Advertising

A marketing must have. I highly recommend this tool for any type of business! I don't know how I functioned without it!

Robin Oratio

Writing on the Wall Advertising

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