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Software Trends to Look For in 2023

Posted: 2022-11-18 by Merandex.

As we get closer to the end of the year and the beginning of 2023, it's a great time to look for upcoming software development trends. The software development industry is always growing and evolving, it's important for your software to stay competitive against your competitors. What will software trends look like in 2023?

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What are CRMs and Why do I need one?

Posted: 2022-11-03 by Merandex.

Customer relationships are the foundation of any business. Organizing customer and/or client relationships with your business can be difficult when you don't have the right tools. The best way to handle client relations is by using a CRM. While CRM includes a category of customer systems and tools, there are three main types of CRM.

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What Industries Benefit from Custom Software?

Posted: 2022-10-20 by Merandex.

While any business regardless of size or industry can see the benefits of innovative software solutions, for some industries custom software implementation is particularly effective.

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How Custom Software Can Help Your Business

Posted: 2022-10-06 by Merandex.

Custom software designed to streamline your business's unique needs increases efficiency. Instead of general assistance, custom software has specific functions and features that offer your business the best solutions. Regardless of your industry, business structure, company size, etc, custom software technology can benefit you!

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Workflow Automation Examples

Posted: 2022-09-30 by Merandex.

Workflow automation software is one of the biggest improvements a company can make to its daily operations to save time and money. Here are just a few examples of what workflow automation software can do for you!

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Features To Look For In Reporting Software

Posted: 2022-09-13 by Merandex.

Reporting is one of the most overlooked aspects in a streamlined operation. It can be difficult to find reporting software that has every feature you need without paying for ones that you don't, which is why Merandex offers custom reporting software services. If you're looking for an out of the box product, here are just a few features you should keep an eye out for.

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What Can A Tech Consultant Do?

Posted: 2022-08-31 by Merandex.

A tech consultant can interact with third party vendors to act in the business owner's best interest, take a holistic look at a business and suggest improvements to your workflows, and suggest new technology to help streamline your business.

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Customer Retention Strategies Using Software

Posted: 2022-08-16 by Merandex.

Prospecting is how you start, but customer retention is how you finish. Many businesses place too much of a focus on prospecting and don't allocate the proper resources to customer retention. Merandex has the capability to analyze your business and suggest a way to retain customers while staying on top of the cutting edge of technology.

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The Evolution of Custom Software

Posted: 2022-07-15 by Merandex.

With more businesses experiencing the fallout from adjusting their day-to-day operations to accommodate the limitations of out-of-the-box software, it gave rise to custom software development, which is geared not towards the masses, but towards your specific problems.

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Is My Business Efficient?

Posted: 2022-06-30 by Merandex.

Most startups have an excel spreadsheet a mile long that contains important data you need to run your business daily. Of course, this has become a habit and while you as the owner may understand it, will the next person you hire to manage that same data understand it? Consistency is key when it comes to data entry, and Merandex can easily design a system that makes your data consistent, provides reports and analysis, takes action when needed, sends reminders to employees or clients, and can integrate with other systems -- all with an easy-to-understand user interface.

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Do You Have Too Much Software?

Posted: 2022-06-14 by Merandex.

Merandex can create a custom-developed system that is able to integrate your software and allow you to push to and pull data from your applications seamlessly. This helps you reduce time spent trying to make sure everything is on the same page, minimizes IT spend, elevates customer satisfaction, and allows you to have a holistic view of your business.

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What Problems Can Custom Software Solve?

Posted: 2022-05-31 by Merandex.

While the market is flooded with out-of-the-box solutions that cover a variety of problems businesses face every day, none of them are tailored to your business' specific needs and wants. Custom software fills in all the cracks left by the products that are pre-made sitting on shelves, and it comes without any limits.

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Custom Application Development

Posted: 2022-05-24 by Merandex.

Businesses with large client bases that need to store and report on their clients' information are in need of a simple application that can do the grunt work for them. Merandex can develop and implement an application that utilizes our cloud platform to retrieve, store, and report on hundreds of thousands of client records with the click of a button.

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Budget Tracking Software

Posted: 2022-04-21 by Merandex.

Don't let your lack of data tracking be the reason you fall behind or make a decision that you wouldn't have made with a robust data tracking and reporting platform. Many businesses don't even realize that they're lagging behind competitors when it comes to data organization, and it can be costly to ignore.

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QR Code Tracking Software

Posted: 2022-04-11 by Merandex.

Any marketing campaign or business decision you need to make that involves complex moving parts and an overwhelming amount of data should be carefully thought out and rolled out with the future in mind. Our scalable custom solutions provide flexibility and trackability for any size business!

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Alternatives to Microsoft Excel For Organization

Posted: 2022-03-14 by Merandex.

Small businesses starting out are likely to turn to free or familiar software like Microsoft Excel for data organization purposes. While this is a great stopgap solution, it tends to become messy and inefficient as the company and the data grows.

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Automatic Invoice Software

Posted: 2022-03-12 by Merandex.

Billing and sending invoices can be a time-consuming process, especially when you are dealing with a large client base or clients that work in industries with stringent regulations. Fortunately, Merandex has the capability to automate that process and change it as needed to keep up with your evolving needs.

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3 Problems That Custom Software Can Solve

Posted: 2022-03-01 by Merandex.

Owning a small business can be rewarding, but incredibly challenging. Many of the problems that small business owners face are similar, and custom software from Merandex can solve most of them. Being willing to invest in custom software now can save you time and money down the road.

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Control Your Auto Marketing

Posted: 2022-02-11 by Merandex.

The trend of auto manufacturers forcing its dealers to adopt a uniform look and use all the same tools has an unfortunate consequence for dealers at an individual level -- how do you separate yourself?

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Top 5 Features of an Auto Marketing Tool

Posted: 2022-01-17 by Merandex.

With Merandex's IntroWave marketing tool, luxury auto dealers are provided an affordable solution to bring repeat customers back to the dealership. We believe there are five features that an auto marketing tool geared towards bringing customers back must have.

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Improving Customer Experience At Auto Dealers

Posted: 2022-01-08 by Merandex.

Competition in the auto industry is slightly different than others. You're selling the same product, mostly at the same price point as a lot of your competitors--so where's your edge? The edge lies in the experience you provide your customers.

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Connecting With High-End Auto Customers

Posted: 2021-12-29 by Merandex.

Auto customers want a fast and easy process for purchasing their next car. This has brought about a new wave of pain points for auto dealers attempting to create an authentic connection with their customers, as the time it takes to network and develop relationships could be time they spend shopping for a car. IntroWave from Merandex aims to alleviate some of those pain points for high-end auto dealers.

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Business Consulting & Management Software

Posted: 2021-11-22 by Merandex.

As a business consultant, you can preach to your clients all the best practices and techniques that help them streamline their business, but you don't necessarily have the time to improve the process that helps them get there. Merandex helps business consultants get their clients to where they need to be with custom business management software that takes care of their unique needs.

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Luxury Auto Dealer Marketing Tool

Posted: 2021-11-10 by Merandex.

IntroWave is changing the way that high-end auto dealers engage their customers, and makes it easier to keep a relationship going well after a sale is made. It gives you a direct line of communication to previous clients, allows them to be one tap away from your services and they can share your information easily with their network.

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Text & Email Marketing Billing Management Software

Posted: 2021-08-23 by Merandex.

As a marketing agency using services like Twilio, you've got enough to worry about when it comes to creative campaigns that drive traffic and conversions for your clients. Billing them properly can be a hassle and one that you're unprepared to take on. With our monitoring and billing management software, marketing agencies can see exactly how much a sub account costs to run, and bill the correct clients based on usage instead of a flat rate.

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cPaaS Monitoring Software

Posted: 2021-08-17 by Merandex.

Communication-platform-as-a-service products such as Twilio can be immensely helpful in managing your clients' portfolios, but who is helping you monitor and manage your cPaaS products?

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5 Benefits of Digital Event Displays

Posted: 2021-07-29 by Merandex.

Digital event displays are a great way to make your next charity event or conference stand out with impressive signage and will satisfy your sponsors with efficient screen time for all of them. Consider Merandex to put together a budget-friendly way to modernize your next event.

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Affordable Digital Marketing For Small Business

Posted: 2021-06-17 by Merandex.

The IntroWave app is an affordable alternative for small businesses looking to get out there on a budget. Network and digital marketing all wrapped into one easy-to-use tool!

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Benefits of Automating Human Resources

Posted: 2021-06-01 by Merandex.

When you neglect to address the efficiency of your human resources processes, you're not only handcuffing your HR specialists, but you're restricting their availability to your employees, which can result in lack of productivity company-wide.

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Custom Real Estate Software Automation

Posted: 2021-05-15 by Merandex.

There are multiple facets of a realtor's everyday responsibilities, and automation software can make every single one of them less of a burden.

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Does Traditional Display Advertising Work?

Posted: 2021-04-13 by Merandex.

In short: yes, traditional display advertising is still an incredibly effective tool to be used in conjunction with the rest of your marketing efforts, especially when it comes to garnering local foot traffic.

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How Does Custom CRM Software Help?

Posted: 2021-03-24 by Merandex.

Finding a CRM software can be a mountainous undertaking for businesses looking to satisfy their needs. If you do anything that can be remotely considered unconventional, chances are CRM solutions off the shelf either don't do enough or do far more than you need to.
Custom CRM software from Merandex is an intriguing option for businesses of all sizes that require only a small selection of the features that commercially available CRMs carry, or need a feature that really isn't available anywhere. You'll save costs by avoiding those unnecessary functionalities, and improve efficiency of your operations.

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What is Automation Software?

Posted: 2020-06-26 by David S.

Automation software might not be one of the first things on your mind when it comes to running your own business. After all, you've got plenty of day-to-day tasks to be looking after and a necessity for a consistent and steady workflow process to be in place.

What if you could eliminate human intervention for all of your workflow processes?

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Why Do You Need Data Reporting Software

Posted: 2020-06-12 by David S.

Reporting data can be an arduous task for even the most dedicated business owner--in many ways, it can act as a full time job on its own. There are hundreds of places your important data could be stored, and collecting it all into one place in an easy to understand and efficient manner can seem impossible.

Merandex provides clients with custom data reporting software, allowing them the freedom they need to run other aspects of their business and unlimited access to whatever KPIs they might need. There's plenty of reasons why data reporting tools are essential to an efficient operation, but here are just three of them.

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Top 4 Reasons To Use a Networking Tool

Posted: 2020-05-21 by Merandex.

Networking is difficult, and at times, downright draining. It's not natural for many people, and can seem like a full-time job on top of your already crowded schedule. That's why tools like the IntroWave networking tool can help you keep up with your networking needs while you take the time to focus on your normal job. There's a lot of reasons why using a networking tool is important, but we've put together the top 4 for you.

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The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

Posted: 2019-12-05 by diamond.

A very wise author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said "The fortune is in the follow-up". When you think about it, when it comes to business, that is a profound statement!

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The Power Of Networking

Posted: 2019-11-05 by diamond.

If you have been in business for any length of time, you probably know about the power of networking. Of course, we have all heard the sayings "its not always what you know, but who you know" that ensures your success in business.

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How Important Is A Business Card?

Posted: 2019-10-05 by diamond.

Have you ever had the experience of attending a networking event and suddenly you realize you are out of business cards? That is not a good feeling! Then, you think you have to try and write your details on a scrap of paper (which usually does NOT look very professional) or you try and write on the back of one of your contacts cards that you need to send them an email with your contact info -- there really is no simple, non-awkward way to make up for having forgotten your business cards -- until now!

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