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What Can A Tech Consultant Do?

Posted 2022-08-31 by Merandex.

Tech Consultant

Tech Consultant

Hiring a tech consultant is a decision that is often reactive. You've taken on too many third party vendors for various aspects of your business, and now your processes are unclear and the software you've had installed might as well be a foreign language.

Many businesses could benefit from making it a proactive decision. Tech consultants allow you to see through the jumbled mess and create a streamlined workflow that you, and all of your employees, can understand.

Workflow Automation

An experienced tech consultant knows how to take a holistic look at a business and suggest improvements to your workflows that will save you time and money. They've seen it all, so they can envision exactly how a process should look no matter what your specific needs are.

With Merandex, you not only hire a professional to make suggestions, but we do the work for you too--our software automation services have saved dozens of businesses the hassle of operating inefficiently.

Liaison Between Vendors

One of the strengths of a tech consultant should be their ability to liaise between business owners and tech vendors. Often, owners hire third party vendors and don't really understand what they're paying for, with the complications made even worse by the vendors trying to communicate in tech-speak. This leads to frustration or complacency, neither of which are conducive to a successful business.

A tech consultant can give directives to third party vendors to act in the business owner's best interest, and communicate what's going on concisely back to the owner. Businesses can save money by cutting vendors that aren't doing the job they need and become more efficient by hiring ones that do!

Install New VoIP and MSPs

A staggering number of businesses are lagging behind in communications and data, with many still relying on a dated phone system and logging data manually. A tech consultant can come in and suggest VoIP systems that take advantage of the internet to provide comprehensive communications for the entire team for half the price of a standard phone system, or get a business owner in touch with a managed service provider that can house all your data.

Many businesses don't even know they need a tech consultant until they hire one, so contact merandex today and get Merandex on your side to see just how efficient you can be.

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