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What Problems Can Custom Software Solve?

Posted 2022-05-31 by Merandex.

Custom software development

Custom software development

"What problems can't custom software solve?" might be a better question to ask yourself. While the market is flooded with out-of-the-box solutions that cover a variety of problems businesses face every day, none of them are tailored to your business' specific needs and wants. Enter custom software.

Merandex has worked with companies in a variety of industries, facing challenges that range from the migration and storage of hundreds of thousands of customer records to the management of billing and custom report generation.

Custom software fills in all the cracks left by the products that are pre-made sitting on shelves, and it comes without any limits.

Data Analysis & Client Outreach

A common use for custom software is for data analysis and reporting. For companies that handle large amounts of customer data, it can be cumbersome to have to manually comb through the data yourself, and there might not be an off-the-shelf solution that perfectly suits your needs and is intuitive to use.

With custom software, Merandex can design a system exactly the way you want. One of our clients kept records in Excel and needed to put out reminders to customers to let them know when it was time to order new equipment. We built a custom system that allowed them to do just that, saved them money by reducing their need to constantly go through their spreadsheet and enhanced their ability to gain repeat business.

Billing & Invoice Generation

When you're dealing with large corporations as clients, they often require submitted invoices in a strict format that can take hours, or even days, to input. Instead of formatting it yourself, wouldn't it be easier to be able to just enter data and watch a custom system do all the heavy lifting for you?

One of our clients is a local attorney who worked for a global communication company that required her billing to be submitted in a format that was not only time consuming for her, but was costing her money. Merandex built a system just for her that gave her one billable day back each month!

Custom Reporting

Reporting is a necessary evil of most industries, but for some industries, there may not be a ready to go solution that works out of the box for your exact needs. Whether your bosses want data presented in a specific manner or you just want to make it easier for your clients to view progress, custom software can completely change the way your data is organized and presented.

We worked with a national company in the veterinary industry that wanted a system to approve and track budgeted project purchases, provide reports and graphs about purchases, spend rates, budget limitations, and more. We spent time with the client to figure out exactly what forms and workflows worked for them, and the end result was a robust system that allows the client to easily approve project purchases, track spending, and forecast their projects.

If you're finding that out-of-the-box solutions aren't tailored to your needs or you're paying for more features than you'll ever need, give Merandex a call to see how we can provide a custom software solution that molds to your business' needs perfectly!

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