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QR Code Tracking Software

Posted 2022-04-11 by Merandex.

QR code tracking

QR code tracking

Merandex works with all size clients, including large retail clients with thousands of locations. A great way to promote your product is through the use of QR code coupons, and one of our clients wanted to take advantage of that to provide each customer who scans a QR code with a unique coupon. With over 4000 store locations, it was going to be nearly impossible to gather all the data themselves, so they turned to Merandex.

We designed a system that enabled our client to implement the QR code system they wanted with built-in data tracking and other information that is shown on an intuitive admin dashboard with completely customizable reports and graphs. This allows them to base their business decisions on data that they want to see without having to do any legwork on their end.

Scalable Data Tracking Solutions

With more than 30 scans per location per day, it was important that whatever solution we provided was not only robust in its data gathering and tracking capabilities, but scalable to thousands of locations and growing. Our solution leveraged our cloud platform and its ability to handle high volume transactions to ensure there are no hiccups as the client continues to build and grow.

This is just an example of how our automated software can work for your business. Any marketing campaign or business decision you need to make that involves complex moving parts and an overwhelming amount of data should be carefully thought out and rolled out with the future in mind. Our scalable custom solutions provide flexibility and trackability for any size business!

At Merandex, we create software solutions for unique problems. Get in touch with Merandex today to tell us about your business idea and to find out how we can help you implement it!

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