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Luxury Auto Dealer Marketing Tool

Posted 2021-11-10 by Merandex.

Luxury Auto Dealer Marketing Tool

Luxury Auto Dealer Marketing Tool

IntroWave is changing the way that high-end auto dealers engage their customers, and makes it easier to keep a relationship going well after a sale is made. It gives you a direct line of communication to previous clients, allows them to be one tap away from your services and they can share your information easily with their network.

It's a completely customizable app that lives on the home screen of your clients, with information like recently updated inventory, schedule service links, your contact information, and anything else that makes your clients' lives easier.

Sales Networking

With IntroWave, your network becomes as large as the person whose phone it lives on. They can immediately send a download link to anyone in their network, and that person now has a direct line of communication to you via your app, where they can utilize all of the links, images, and videos you put there.

It takes the "work" out of networking in a way no tool has before, and opens you up to be able to sell instead of prospecting.

Data Tracking

The engagement you receive through the IntroWave app is easily trackable in Google Analytics, and can seamlessly integrate into any marketing reporting that your dealership is already doing. Every call, website visit, or video view made from your IntroWave app can go right into your monthly reports.

Make Auto Shopping Easier For Clients

Your inventory web page can be easily linked to your IntroWave mobile app for your clients to view. And when you've got an update that you want to notify them about, you can simply send a text to them. Select exactly which clients you want to send the text to, or send a mass update to everyone -- you have ultimate control over how your marketing is run.

Connect Clients

Make it easy for your clients to schedule service or to shop parts by including links to your website on your IntroWave mobile app. They can be one click away from scheduling routine maintenance, buying accessories or anything else.

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