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Text & Email Marketing Billing Management Software

Posted 2021-08-23 by Merandex.

Text & Email Marketing Billing Management Software

Text & Email Marketing Billing Management Software

As a marketing agency using services like Twilio, you've got enough to worry about when it comes to creative campaigns that drive traffic and conversions for your clients. Billing them properly can be a hassle and one that you're unprepared to take on. When you've got dozens of sub-accounts and only one credit card to charge the bill to, you end up incurring massive expenses. Some agencies try to put a band-aid on this problem by jacking up their prices, but then it becomes unfair to clients who aren't using your text marketing services as much and the clients who use it the most still are costing you money.

With our monitoring and billing management software, marketing agencies can see exactly how much a sub account costs to run, and bill the correct clients based on usage instead of a flat rate.

Account Monitoring & Billing

Our marketing agency monitoring and billing software has two main features--account monitoring and billing. For a base price, we will monitor your Twilio sub accounts and send email or text alerts when a sub account crosses a usage threshold based on your settings. Once notified, you can bill your client according to your pricing model.

In addition to account monitoring, our billing option can bill your clients on an on-demand basis, which bills as the month goes on, or charge them for the usage they had in the previous month. You choose what works best for your business.

Stop hiking up your prices or losing money on a monthly basis with your Twilio text marketing services. Sign up for the Merandex Account Monitoring service today. Contact us if you have more questions about this service.

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