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Alternatives to Microsoft Excel For Organization

Posted 2022-03-14 by Merandex.

Microsoft Excel Data Overload

Microsoft Excel Data Overload

Small businesses starting out are likely to turn to free and familiar software like Microsoft Excel for data organization purposes. While this is a great stopgap solution, it tends to become messy and inefficient as the company and the data grows. The disorganization and complexity of the Excel sheets breeds more disorganization, and soon it feels like the tool you're using for organization is the very reason you're disorganized.

We've seen this countless times with businesses coming to us for solutions, and we can develop custom software that fits their needs and seamlessly migrates the data from Excel sheets that has piled up over the course of the years.

The Problem

An emergency health training and products company was keeping excel files of their client's info, products sold, expiration dates, and other info. The spreadsheet grew to multiple tabs and tens of thousands of rows of data. Information entered was not consistent, was being duplicated, and contradictory information was getting added. It became slow and difficult to find current and accurate information quickly when needed by management or clients. And neither the staff nor clients were getting any messages about product component expiration or service plans expiring.

The Solution

We designed and implemented a cloud system that stores their data, enables staff to enter data in a consistent format, checks for duplicate or contradictory data, generates needed reports, allows staff to quickly search their clients and product data, and provides push notifications about upcoming expirations.

The result? Streamlined business operations for our client and a permanent solution in place that can stick with them through their growth. Most importantly, they've got a direct line to us for the support they need to update the software if needed or to provide training for new employees.

Of course, every situation is different, and the software we design and implement is created on a case-by-case basis, which means our solutions are specific to your needs. Contact us today for a FREE consultation on how we can help.

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