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How Important Is A Business Card?

Posted 2019-10-05 by diamond.

How Important Is A Business Card?

How Important Is A Business Card?

Have you ever had the experience of attending a networking event and suddenly you realize you are out of business cards? That is not a good feeling! Then, you think you have to try and write your details on a scrap of paper (which usually does NOT look very professional) or you try and write on the back of one of your contacts cards that you need to send them an email with your contact info -- there really is no simple, non-awkward way to make up for having forgotten your business cards -- until now!

How many times have you attended an event and forgot your phone? I am willing to bet that you have NEVER done that! Most adults keep their phone within 3 feet of their person 24/7. You are more likely to forget your child than you are to forget your phone!

So, if you always have your phone and you have downloaded the IntroWave mobile app -- guess what? You ALWAYS have your business card on you! And, it is as simple as getting the other person's name and phone number is order to share your business card with them.

And, of course, one they have it on their phone they can then share it on to other people -- and then you get a notification of who referred you and the contact details of the referee -- which means you can contact them directly!

So, how important is a business card? Well, if you have the IntroWave mobile app, a printed card becomes a 'like to have' not a 'have to have'. Have you gotten your IntroWave mobile app?

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