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Posted 2022-02-11 by Merandex.

Cadillac Digital Retailing Platform

Cadillac Digital Retailing Platform

With the news that Cadillac is requiring all Cadillac dealers to move over to its new digital retailing platform beginning February 14th, the trend of OEMs forcing its dealers to adopt a uniform look and use all the same tools has an unfortunate consequence for dealers at an individual level--how do you separate yourself?

For years, many dealers were free to pursue dozens of digital retailing solutions that worked for them and their marketing strategies, and gave them the freedom they needed to separate themselves from other dealers of the same brand in their market. As that freedom begins to dissipate, IntroWave™ from Merandex is the one tool that still allows dealers some creative license in their marketing.

How To Differentiate Your Dealer From Your Competitors

With IntroWave, there is a clear value proposition to your clients--they always have a way to contact their favorite salesperson, without having to deal with automated chatbots or picking up the phone. Highlight the models you want to move, include any franchise-specific deals you have going on, and offer your sales team an option to create their own personal identity to connect with clients!

An added bonus of IntroWave--it gives your current clients an easy way to refer you to others, and you'll get the notification every time they do. If you know the person you're referred to is in the market for a car, what other dealer do you know that has the capability to immediately reach out and offer them the help they need?

Take control of your marketing and don't let the OEMs dictate or limit how you separate yourself from the competition! Check it out at: IntroWave™

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