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Workflow Automation Examples

Posted 2022-09-30 by Merandex.

Workflow Automation Examples

Workflow Automation Examples

Workflow automation software is one of the biggest improvements a company can make to its daily operations to save time and money. Here are just a few examples of what workflow automation software can do for you!

Creating Tasks

Daily tasks can bog someone down, and if they're busy with something else, they can and do easily get lost in an inbox. An automated system that creates tasks, properly assigns them, and notifies the assignee that a task was created is an invaluable resource to a company that relies on their employees completing small tasks throughout the day.

Generate Invoices

Generating an invoice doesn't require a high level of skill, but it's something that can take up a large portion of the day. An automated workflow completely takes invoices out of the hands of your team and does it in an instant so they can focus on tasks that require a higher level of expertise.

Manage Leads

If you have to make routine follow-ups to qualified leads, an automated workflow can save your sales team the time of sending those templated follow up emails and give them the time they need to go sell. This can greatly improve the close rate and streamline your whole sales process!


Instead of having an HR rep manually handle the onboarding process, design a consistent one and automate it. Whether it's documentation you need a new hire to sign, training videos you have to watch, or information you need them to submit, the whole process can be automated with custom workflow automation software.

IT Requests

If you have an IT department, it can get disorganized quickly if employees company-wide are allowed to submit tickets via email without any formatting. Workflow automation can create a ticketing system that makes them all uniform and automatically assigns it to an IT employee.

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