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5 Benefits of Digital Event Displays

Posted 2021-07-29 by Merandex.

Benefits of Digital Event Displays

Benefits of Digital Event Displays

Digital event displays are a great way to make your next charity event or conference stand out with impressive signage and will satisfy your sponsors with efficient screen time for all of them. Consider Merandex to put together a budget-friendly way to modernize your next event--simply submit your ads a week in advance!


Events that opt for digital displays are professional, and are sure to impress attendees with vibrant graphics. Merandex can make your event a modern affair with our variety of options for digital screen displays.

Sell Ads Easily

Instead of selling ads by the page like you would with a traditional brochure, you sell screentime to potential sponsors. We recommend 10, 20, or 30 second increments, but you can sell time however you want to--we will be there controlling the screens for you at the event so you have the option to change things on the fly if you need to.

Go Green

When you let Merandex take care of digital displays for your event, you reduce the need for printing brochures or flyers that end up getting thrown out anyway, and your event is automatically environmentally friendly.

Control Traffic

Areas with digital signage tend to get more foot traffic, so you can easily control the flow of traffic around your event by strategically placing signs.

Integrate Photos

We work with your event photographer throughout the night to post live photos of the event as its happening. Our software will automatically add them in between sponsorships and updates with new photos every half hour, which is a great way to keep guests entertained!

Hosting an event in Central NJ? Contact Merandex today to take it to the next level with digital event displays!

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