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What are CRMs and Why do I need one?

Posted 2022-11-03 by Merandex.

What are CRMs and Why do I need one

What are CRMs and Why do I need one

Customer relationships are the foundation of any business. Organizing customer and/or client relationships with your business can be difficult when you don't have the right tools. The best way to handle client relations is by using a CRM.

CRM stands for customer relationship management and is a software product that allows businesses to effectively and easily manage their clientele. The goal of a CRM is to organize client information in a way that allows that information to improve customer experience.

As different methods of communication continue to be developed, customer journeys are growing more complex. A client could communicate with a brand through email, social media, phone, etc. Businesses need to keep track of multiple audiences for research and sales purposes. That's where CRMs come into play. While CRM includes a category of customer systems and tools, there are three main types of CRM. Keep reading to learn what they are and learn which one is right for you!

1. Operational CRMs

Operational CRMs streamline the processes of customer relations. They allow employees to visualize and aid customer journeys more fully. The CRM captures the journey from the first moment of contact and continues even after they become a customer. These kinds of CRMs usually have many automated features for marketing and sales which increases employee productivity.

2. Collaborative CRMs

Collaborative CRMs have the goal of connecting the efforts of different departments. Marketing teams, sales representatives, customer support, and other teams can often find it hard to adequately communicate and share information. The bigger the organization the harder it can be to provide a great customer experience. Collaborative CRMs allow different teams to have access to the same accurate information at all times. This helps clients avoid having to repeat information to different departments.

3. Analytical CRMs

As the name indicates, analytical CRMs analyze customer data for insights. Customer data is very valuable for companies to have successful sales, customer retention, and solve issues. Analytical CRMs quickly organize and analyze large amounts of data that would otherwise take employees large amounts of time.

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