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Improving Customer Experience At Auto Dealers

Posted 2022-01-08 by Merandex.

Luxury Auto Customer Experience

Luxury Auto Customer Experience

Competition in the auto industry is slightly different than others. You're selling the same product, mostly at the same price point as a lot of your competitors--so where's your edge?

Especially for high-end auto dealers, the edge lies in the experience you provide your customers. They're in your dealership for a reason. They don't need to be sold on the idea of buying a car, because they're already there to do that. The key to retaining them is providing them with an unparalleled customer experience, especially as many dealers are encountering inventory shortages across the country.

Affordable Solutions To Stay In Touch With Auto Customers

When your customers are in the building with you, it's easy to control the experience they have. It's their experience after they leave that separates you from your competitors. However, continuing to reach out via email or phone can be bothersome, and opting to do nothing can result in a failure to retain them.

Enter IntroWave from Merandex--the mobile app that's entirely customizable and allows sales teams at high-end auto dealers to provide the showroom experience on a customer's phone whenever they want it. Every resource they could possibly need lives on IntroWave, including links to inventory that they've looked at previously, ways to schedule service, and most importantly, a direct line of contact to you, the salesperson.

Everything down to the picture that the app uses is customizable, so you can pick whatever you think best represents you and your dealership. It's a solution that keeps external communications uniform amongst the entire sales team, yet allows salespeople to experiment with different layouts and resources to find out what their customers like most.

Merandex simplifies the sales process, and marketing teams will be happy to hear that every action a customer takes in the app is tracked and capable of being integrated with Google Analytics.

IntroWave strikes the perfect balance between annoying a potential customer and not doing enough to retain them by giving them the option to directly contact their salesperson whenever they need to. Provide them the customer experience that other dealers aren't and contact Merandex today to get your sales team on IntroWave!

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