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Connecting With High-End Auto Customers

Posted 2021-12-29 by Merandex.

High End Auto Sales Tools

High End Auto Sales Tools

As companies like Carvana begin taking over the auto industry, it's clear what customers want--a fast and easy process for purchasing their next car. This has brought about a new wave of pain points for auto dealers attempting to create an authentic connection with their customers, as the time it takes to network and develop relationships could be time they spend shopping for a car.

IntroWave from Merandex aims to alleviate some of those concerns for high-end auto dealers by taking the effort out of networking and allowing their clients to do some of their shopping before they even get to the dealership, but still allowing them to keep the personalization and customer service that makes them a more attractive option.

Start The Sales Process Through IntroWave

According to a 2019 study done by Cox Auto, consumer satisfaction rapidly begins to decline after 90 minutes spent at the dealership, and only 42% of consumers were satisfied with how long it took at the dealership to finalize a sale.

With this in mind, having an avenue to stay in touch with previous clients is essential to ensuring they have all questions they need answered before getting to the dealership. IntroWave allows high-end auto dealers to do just that, featuring the ability to communicate with anyone who has your IntroWave app downloaded onto their phone. When your logo takes up prominent real estate on their phone screen, you'll naturally be the first place they go for answers.

With trade-in and financial tools at your disposal in the dealership, you can effectively make a sale before they even set foot in the dealership, and your clients don't need to talk with an automated chatbot online.

Personalize in Ways Online Dealers Can't

With IntroWave, each individual salesperson at an auto dealer can customize their own IntroWave app with information they feel their customers want to know--and who knows customers better than their previous sales representatives? Include links to your website, new inventory, service scheduler, videos about features on new cars, and anything else customers want to see. By constantly updating your profile with useful information that your customers can look at whenever they want, you'll be top of mind next time they need to go car shopping.

IntroWave is the affordable solution for high-end auto dealers who need a competitive edge. Get your sales staff on IntroWave in 2022!

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