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cPaaS Monitoring Software

Posted 2021-08-17 by Merandex.

cPaaS Monitoring Software

cPaaS Monitoring Software

Communication-platform-as-a-service products such as Twilio can be immensely helpful in managing your clients' portfolios, but who is helping you monitor and manage your cPaaS products?

When you're incurring costs related to your cPaaS products without having the ability to pass those costs along to your clients due to a lack of clarity on who should be charged what, it's at best a huge inconvenience to your bottom line each month. Instead of jacking up your prices and losing clients because of that, why not explore solutions to charge each client based on their usage of your services?

Merandex cPaaS Monitoring

Enter Merandex--we've designed the Merandex Account Monitor to trigger alerts based on the usage of Twilio on any of your sub accounts. You set the limits for each sub account, and you can edit those limits at any point. We send text messages to you and your clients when their thresholds are surpassed, and you can bill them accordingly to avoid losing money!

If you use products other than Twilio, such as Mailgun or Brightlink, we can create custom software that works exactly like the Merandex Account Monitor tailored to the product you use.

Our Premium package takes it a step further by taking the billing out of your hands and allowing us to effectively manage your cPaaS portfolio without having to worry about losing money on services you offer. Using cPaaS products without the ability to manage or monitor it efficiently is like buying a shiny new car without a steering wheel. Gain control of your spend and contact Merandex today to have custom software built for your cPaaS monitoring and management needs!

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