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Posted 2022-05-24 by Merandex.

Basic Application development

Basic Application development

Businesses with large client bases that need to store and report on their clients' information are in need of a simple application that can do the grunt work for them. Merandex can develop and implement an application that utilizes our cloud platform to retrieve, store, and report on hundreds of thousands of client records with the click of a button.

The Problem

A leading workout company had an old iPad app that was no longer able to handle the significantly increased volume of data that they required. Their current app collected client information and images, and provided PDF files and reports when necessary.

They reached out to Merandex to develop a brand new application with the old app's functionality and the ability to handle their expanded needs, plus store all of their old records. An added challenge was migrating all of those old records to the new system in time for launch, which had a deadline set of 6 weeks.

The Solution

Merandex was able to replicate the old app's functionality, with a streamlined new process and the ability to store all the data they needed thanks to our cloud platform.

The data was all migrated over, and the entire system was ready to launch a week before their already tight deadline.

For basic application development and a project that requires handling overwhelming amounts of data, Merandex can be the one-stop shop solution that most small-to-medium sized businesses are looking for. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project requirements and get a solution from Merandex!

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