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Budget Tracking Software

Posted 2022-04-21 by Merandex.

Budget tracking software

Budget tracking software

Data organization is an overlooked aspect of running a business, and when it comes time to make budgetary decisions, you can easily find yourself being led astray by incomplete, disorganized, or old data.

A national company in the veterinary industry found themselves in that very situation, and needed a solution to approve and track budgeted project purchases and to provide detailed reports about those purchases. With input from the client, Merandex was able to design forms and workflows specific to the processes already in place, along with a custom dashboard and reporting capabilities that provided exactly what they needed to make sound decisions for the future of their company. The client can now easily approve project purchases, track spending, and forecast their projects accurately.

Custom Data Tracking

The great thing about Merandex is that every project we work on is unique to your needs. No matter what data you need to report, it can be done in a way that fits your business. Our custom reporting dashboard can show graphs, charts, numbers, projections--whatever you need.

Don't let your lack of data tracking be the reason you fall behind or make a decision that you wouldn't have made with a robust data tracking and reporting platform. Many businesses don't even realize that they're lagging behind competitors when it comes to data organization, and it can be costly to ignore.

At Merandex, we create software solutions for unique problems. Get in touch with us today for a custom data tracking and reporting solution that works for you!

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